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  • Soap & matching splash

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  • Just a soap now leave me fekkin alone

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Mr Bigmem

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Hang on, I'll have another sniff..

Nope, still get sweet chocolate, maybe caramel. The Mrs though gets Baby powder and Mint!???
Ok strange as how women pick up different notes. My wife smells the mint as well. But she says she smells an off hershey kisses chocolate smell. She says its how american chocolates smell due to the milk powder they use


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Obsidian is my baby, the love child between myself and Kerry, but entirely Kerry. He knocked up that scent in one go. One of my favourite scented shaving soaps.


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Lol don't you get a damp wet moldy leafs
I find Obsidian to be a crisp pepper, vetiver, rough sandalwood oak moss profile.
Thanks everyone. For IN I've used a mix of eo's and fo's, and it's interesting to see how polarising the scent has been.

No problem at all, however, I've already mentioned it to @Nishy in that PB are at capacity at the moment and so I'll pick this back up when I'm able to.

Thanks again, all.

Cheers Kerry I do appreciate all the hard work :)


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I'd love to be in on this but as I'm fairly new to the forum would that not be allowed?

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