My latest brush project. Monster brush.


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I got this handle from a friend in Vienna Austria. He believes it was a display piece at one time. I showed interest in it and he just shipped it to me here in the states. It passed thru a couple people making it way to me by his friends traveling the world so it took some time to get to me.
When it arrived i had forgotten about it so it was even more of a surprise when it showed up. Hollow brass with a stainless collar. Weighs Almost a full pound. I ordered a 30mm Badger knot for it and got the knot last night. After a quick washing of the knot and drying i stuck in it this handle for sizing. I will need to open the handle just a little at the top so i can set the knot down a little more but its going to be a big heavy brush.

It will get used from time to time but being the size that it is, mainly a display piece. This is why I didn't buy a top quality knot for it. Its just a little to large and heavy to be an every day brush. I still haven't polished the handle or glued the knot in this picture but just wanted to show what Im working on...