Motorbike licence without owning a bike? (UK)


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Its definitely worth it, riding is amazing. Really relaxing and focuses the mind. Plus most rode outs involve stops for bacon butties/cakes/fish and chips/ice creams.

As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to ride and he'll ride 200 miles for fish and chips.
First day out on the bike this year for me.
All you gents on the fence about trying it out, get your CBT booked at the nearest bike school and have a bit of fun riding about on your L-plate 125s and 50ccs. One day out, no strings attached and by the end you'll be qualified to run about on your own bike (with L plates) unsupervised.

Background to my first day out, 2021:
Quite dissatisfied with the service at main dealers for my motorbikes I have started to do simple work on my own bike. Today was a bit of Guinea-pigging really, I was out on a bike with front and rear wheel bearings, cush drive rubbers, sprockets and chain installed by my own fair hand. Have to say I was a little bit nervous and new tyres front and rear too so I was taking it steady to say the least. All good though and home in one piece with no faults to report. The reward of doing the work for oneself is the satisfaction alone apparently. I could get into this spannering lark.
Most stuff I wasn't confident on was covered on a YouTube bloke's channel 'del boys garage'. Can recommend.