Most influential guitarists.


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John Martyn
Eric Clapton
Richard Thompson
Albert Lee
David Gilmour
Larry Carlton (Mr 335)
JJ Cale
Eric Gale
Carlos Santana
Ray Gomez
Lowell George
Bonnie Raitt
Randy California


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This is such a difficult question and my opinion will change every five minutes, but has anyone mentioned T-Bone Walker or Pete Townshend? Both very influential imo.
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Rory Gallagher
Peter Green
Bernie Marsden
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Interesting to see Bernie Marsden mentioned. Certainly a very talented guitarist, although I've never considered him to be in the same league as others in that list.

If we're talking Bernies though, I have to mention Bernie Torme. My god, he was a veritable force of nature when performing with Gillan. Very sad to hear of his death last year.

Edit: My comment re Marsden wasn't intended as a criticism of his abilities. It was more a recognition that the impact and influence of the others were quite extraordinary.
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There are so many. In no particular order, here’s just a few of the truly great guitarists (innovative, and influential):
Django Reinhardt
Hank Marvin
Joe Pass
Merle Travis
Robert Johnson
Roy Buchanan
Danny Gatton
Frank Zappa
Jeff Beck
Eric Johnson
Mark Knopfler
Arlen Roth
Robbie Robertson
Dick Dale
Keith Richards
John Lennon
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Jimmy Hendrix
Robben Ford
Duane Allman
Sonny Landreth
Lowell George
Derek Trucks
Bonnie Raitt
Wes Montgomery
Chet Atkins C.G.P.
Scotty Moore
James Burton
Matt “Guitar” Murphy
The Three Kings, Freddy, Albert, and BB

There just isn’t enough time to pay tribute to them all. Not to mention Leo Fender who, although he didn’t even actually play, was still one of the most influential “guitarists” who ever lived. Thank the heavens for the guitar and for guitarists!
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I agree with so many of the recommendations. I'm a big fan of the Blue's and know there are too many to discuss. But, I want to recommend a young amazing artist. If you get a chance to hear (or see) Christone "Kingfish" Ingram, take it. Kingfish is from Clarksdale, Mississippi...literally the home of the Crossroads where Robert Johnson had his famous meeting! Kingfish is a young man, about 20 yrs, whose talent WAY exceeds his age. I'll tell you how good he is...I once saw him in Clarksdale at the famous Ground Zero Blue's club, where I asked an elderly local man (probably 75-80 yrs old) watching, "how good is he?". The man replied, "He reminds me of a young BB"! Note: This is where BB, Muddy Water, John Lee Hooker and Ike Turner literally grew up...the true home of the Delta Blues! Kingfish is clearly it's next Mississippi Blues Man! Check him out and you will understand...


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For my money it's two of the all time greats
That I've not seen mentioned on this thread
And they are::
Eddie Hazel and Jim O'Rourke
Now if you haven't heard of these two
I'll have to insist that you are missing out
On some ground breaking music that was
Influential and in my opinion remains
Timeless too this very day.
Now let's see a show of hands on who