Mixed Boar & Badger Knots


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I love good boar knots but I also like variety. I suppose I’m keen to experience as much in the way of different knots as I can realistically afford. My first experience with a good quality brush was the famous Vulfix 404 ‘Bodger’.

I've read great things about Semogue Mistura knots which has reignited my interest. However, I’d rather purchase a knot to put in my own handle and Semogue don’t offer this as far as I know.

The only knot I’ve found that looks good is this offering from Maggard’s:

Maggard’s Mixed Boar & Badger Knot 70:30


Have any of you chaps any experience with this knot or know of any other alternatives?

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I have a 24mm knot from Maggard's. 75% 2 Band Badger. I found a little prickly to start with....but either my expectations have decreased....or it has mellowed with age. It's a good knot


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I popped a post in the 'other place' - partly lamenting the demise of the Vulfix 404 and the Omega 11047 :(