Pass Around Masamune Nodachi


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I had my first shave with the Nodachi this morning, and I am still not sure about this razor! For the price of €149 - I think the container box is a little lazy with just the card packaging forming the lid on the cork wood box. On inspection the razor has some clean but beautiful lines, although I would prefer the handle to have those grip nodules to be lower down or the full length of handle.
So I loaded it up with a new Gillette (my goto blade of choice) Platinum, some Extro Isola soap and a hot towel.

First pass/ WTG:
The first thing I noticed was the uncomfortable feeling I had holding this razor's handle. The grip point is too far up the handle, so there is a moment of ill at ease at hoping your hand doesn't slip. Which it doesn't but I like to hold the handle in a lower position and it doesn't feel balanced. Yes, you can feel much more blade, when compared to the much milder Masamune. I had no nicks but it is definitely a much more aggressive razor and there is a lovely noise as the blade slays all before it.
Second pass/Atg:
Finally, I make contact with the grippy part of the handle and a little confidence follows but I remain cautious. The noise feedback is far less this time round but still enjoyable. This is a very efficient razor and a very deft and light hand is needed to get the best from it. I just wish it had more grip.

2 Passes and I am done!
I followed up with some aftershave and Zing. Not bad, just had a light sting with a few areas a little red.
I honestly think the handle is just plain wrong on this razor, it doesn't feel well-balanced and is too long. I will try it again in a few days time but with a different handle.


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Don't worry, the razor is safe. I recently finished my last bout of chemo, so hair has been growing ever so slowly back, hence the delay.

I had a second shave on the 5th of Jan and my final shave today. So here are results.

Second shave, Gillette platinum "used the same blade" as used in first shave, Vie-long synth brush, Wholly Kaw "Bouquet Fougere" and OSP Fougere AS.

The first time I used the Nodachi, I had issues with the handle but decided to stick with it and slightly adapt my technique based on feedback by former users.
I changed the angle and was far more light and deft with the head. This, I have to say vastly improved my shave experience. This razor feels like an open comb, in that you can feel the blade so much but the sound it makes as it lays waste to all that stood before it. Now that is a noise, that I like :).
How much stubble left, after just one pass? Ah Sh*t, I'll be lucky if I can get another pass!
Lathered up and off we go. Nice and easy, now. You really feel the blade and it keeps you focused that's for sure. As long as you use light pressure and don't rush it. This can be a more enjoyable experience, and we are done.
I applied the remaining lather just to replenish the skin and not waste that donkey milk :p:.

After I cleaned up and washed off the lather, I applied some alum and there was barely a sting. Followed this up with the OSP aftershave, ahhhhhhhh
Not a sting to be found.

I think, I'm starting to like this Nodachi :).

Will post my third shave experience tomorrow and will contact Barry, to send it on.


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The last shave with the Nodachi, is here!

For the last shave, I decided to try a different blade. So I went with a Perma-sharp and some Henri et Victoria "Duc de Santal" soap and aftershave.

It's funny, every time I take this razor out, I find myself looking at it's lovely softened lines.
Lathered up and off we go, Oh I love this soap and that gentle gorgeous scent of sandalwood, nutmeg, treemoss, fennel, sage and a few other notes

I am really enjoying the sound track of this razor, it's loud and raw. Ahh, that blade is so smooth. It tones down the aggressiveness and provides a much better experience. After the first pass I find that it reminds of the 37 slant for efficiency, It glides effortlessly and I haven't nicked myself once.
A bit of focus and light deft strokes, just led to a very enjoyable shave. Damn that is a smooth feeling. Even under the nose, this razor is smooth.
I was going to use the alum again but opted not too. Just went with the aftershave.
It barely stung and no redness was visible under the neck unlike my first shave experience with the Nodachi.

It took a minor change to my technique to improve the likeability of the Nodchai and better my shaving experience, overall.
Aesthetically it is lovely looking razor and it changed my mind for the better with each and every shave.

Many thanks for being able to take part, Nishy :okay: . I have sent a pm to Barry and am awaiting his reply.


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Gentlemen, I have repeatedly tried to contact Barry, but I have noticed that he has not been on the board for over two months!
So, I have contacted Jeepie.
Will update you on postage date etc