Pass Around Masamune Nodachi

I've used the Nodachi for 6 days straight, daily shaving including an ATG pass every single time and I have to say that I find this razor VERY smooth and efficient. It can easily be a daily driver for me. In fact, it's become one of my top 3 razors only surpassed slightly by my 1.55 WR2 and the RS-10 which is saying a lot. I find the nocachi much smoother than the Carbon and Charcoal Goods L2. For those finding this razor to be a bit much, I'd suggest trying a very shallow shaving angle. I was not expecting to be this impressed by this razor, but I sure am now. I have the nodachi with the original masamune handle and the aesthetics of the razor are also beautiful and unique.
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I shaved with this razor 7 times so far, and it gets better each time I’ve used it. Very efficient, smooth, and not overly aggressive. Maybe not as smooth as a Timeless or the H&S No.75, but a little smoother than the Blackbird SB while having similar efficiency. The blades I enjoyed using in it so far are Gillette black and Personna med preps. The Feather seemed slightly harsh when I initially used it.