lavender shaving creams


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Stone Cottage make a lavender cream too. Performance based on their on other creams should be great. I can't say if the scent is any better or worse than the others though as lavender is not my bag...

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I have the TOBS Lavender and wasn't sure about it. A fellow sent me a sample of the CF (I don't care for the scent of the Lime or Cedar) and it smells stronger than the TOBS but I'm not sure that it works any better.


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I'll second the Ach Brito Lavanda. Another one is Claus Porto Musgo Real lavender. Personally, I'd say they have similar performance but in Canada the Claus Porto is about 3X as much as the Ach Brito Lavanda.



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I consider Ethos Lavender Supreme as cream in a tub, not soap. And from all a had and tested through the years it is the best, for both - scent and performance.
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