Knife shave


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When I was 17 and in jungle school we decided to strop a M7 bayonet and use it.

My advice is dont. We were dumb kids.

We were the only shaven squad return, then we all got some fungus in the cuts.
I still carry that fungus in my neck. Dumb I say

Steve Bowles

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Drew Dick has a video of himself shaving with a battle axe he made. Scariest damn thing I've ever watched. Over and over again.


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The knife shown in the original post is Scandi ground which is easy to sharpen as the entire bevel lies flat on the stone. Easy to sharpen for most tasks but getting it good enough to shave facial hair is no mean feat. I keep all of my Scandi ground wood carving knives shaving sharp but I don't think i could ever get one to pass the hanging hair test or contemplate shaving the old old physog!