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Ordered on the 26th of June, but during the checkout procedure the SB-C plate was sold out, so placed the order without the SB-C plate and asked Chris to wait before sending my order until he could add an SB-C plate. Order was shipped on the 17th of July and I received it on the 29th of July. I got lucky and didn't have to pay any import taxes. My order consisted of:
  • Stainless Steel Top Cap (number S303-00040)
  • Stainless Steel 3" Handle
  • Stainless Steel SB-C, SB-F, OC-C, OC-F plates
  • Stainless Steel Inkwell Stand
  • Karve Semois Valley soap sample (gift from Chris)


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Superb shave, pet peeve are the exposed tabs. Wish these were covered.


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fantastic looking razor..if i were to buy another modern razor it would beA Karve..love the handles..


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Thought I'd mention it here too...

When I received my Stainless Steel Karve Christopher Bradley safety razor, I noticed it came with a maintenance card. The card mentioned this:

"Any dry threads may wear over time through tightening and loosening. Your razor is no different. Be sure to apply a drop of oil or a dab of grease to the top cap threads on a regular basis. We use petroleum jelly."

I then e-mailed Chris and asked him how often "on a regular basis" is to him. His answer was:

"Application doesn't need to be that frequent, say every 6 shaves or so. You should be able to see some of the wax or jelly in place and you'll notice that the lubricated threads feel better than unlubricated or under-lubricated threads."


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Petroleum jelly is good but high quality sewing machine oil is even better. Clear, odorless, and the best in the business for keeping top cap & handle threads in great shape.

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I also asked Chris if the transparent oil that came with my old Panasonic ER203 hair trimmer to lubricate the blades was suitable. And this was what he had to say about that:

"I wouldn't recommend oil because it flows very easily and may leave the threads uncoated."

Also, Petroleum Jelly is incredibly cheap, I paid €2,09 for 100ml.
TBH when a lot of us own century-old Gillettes with brass threads that are still in great shape, I don’t think we need to worry too much about oiling steel to reduce wear.
That's probably very true, but I find that performing the extra maintenance steps which Chris recommended is good for my peace of mind.


I like to think the oiling of the threads shows his attention to detail, and tight tolerance of the razor. Or maybe he’s just mental :laugh:
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I’ve used high quality oils like the one I have above for years on and off and do notice a difference. Smooth buttery threads every time when the cap & handle threads are oiled once or twice a week. Takes seconds.