Kaizen vs CK-6

Kaizen vs CK-6

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AE scents better than PAA? That's a first...
Scents are subjective sure, but PAA has like 100 of scents, i bet everone can find something they love among that
My poor writing, but I've said I do prefer to A&E.
I'd wager that PAA is less likely to cause irritation with their scents.

PAAs studio catalogue is mind boggling though! In some ways the limited UK availability does make selection easier.


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I have both, can't tell the difference in perfomance. I have to really struggle to find a bad perfomer out there these days. The Kaizen lather does look different than most, sort of thicker consistency of it. Ruds would explain it better, he's into that whipped cream comparisions.

Oh yeah, and I don't know on "post shave" cause I apply a splash like 10 seconds after the soap.


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I’ve tried both and I prefer CK-6.

I really like PAA Future Fiction scent and soap performance, it is amazing. Love it!

A&E Kaizen formula is also very good, actually in terms of performance it is very similar to PAA. I didn’t like The Undesea scent.

At the end of the day it’s down to scent preference IMMO. If I had to choose between PAA Astra Planeta and A&E Cuban Highball... I would pick A&E but there’s no A&E scent that would take Future Fiction away from me, if it makes sense...


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I've recently used Kaizen again (not K2) with Strawberry Fields and I'd forgotten what a fantastic base it is. So easy to work with, super slick, great post-shave.