July 2020 Acquisitions


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Wonderful news and quick shipping! I hope you enjoy both your new razors.
Will do... As always, with new things, I like to take time to slowly get to know each other :) , so probably it will wait for the weekend...

And I will publicly say that Shane @Blackland Razors is a pleasure to do a business, he prepare a custom friendly package (as I requested, guided by experiences with my customs) and have not charged the extra $ for postage of another razor.


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These finally arrived, which is awesome! What’s not so awesome is that the Kaizen soap is missing and I had to pay import charges on this, first time I ever have as Peter forgot to mark the package down. Emailed him about the missing soap. Not his finest work but I’m sure he’ll sort it.



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So, it is pure luck to make an order when plane is going... If not, you must wait for another...