Japanese System Razors


I want them too

I have the X-Fit but would like tonget hold of the others.

How do you find them and get them shipped ?


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OK, I love the Feather F3 razor with the MR3Neo cartridges...... If I'm in a hurry and can't do a proper DE shave, this is a lifesaver. And the cartridges are not to expensive at $23.00USD for 9 cartridges...... nt cheap but way cheaper than Gillette cartridges. And the damn thing shaves great, for real. Add to that the fact that it is nearly impossible to cut yourself with it and it is a big winner in my book. And not tot get to personal, but Siobahn started the "manscaping" / "ladyscaping" discussion in her new member intro.......but this thing is the best for your tender bits. just saying.