It's Been A While


Forum GOD!
Yesterday I forgot that we were going to a little gathering and I didn't have the time to do my normal 3+ pass double edge shave with all the accoutrements. So I decided to pull out the Mach 3 and grabbed a can of Gillette Barbershop Fresh Foam Mousse. I did the same shave that I had done prior to discovering double edge razors. That is, I wet my face with some warm water, lathered up once and shaved down WTG and went back over it ATG. I did this daily for many many years. Rinsed off and applied a splash. Later I felt my face and was surprised at how much razor stubble I felt as I faceturbated. I looked fine but my hands told the true story. What I'm amazed at is that I was satisfied with this level of shave for much of my adult life. Now that I have learned the ways of the double edge and lathering with a brush, I will apply what I've learned to shaving with the Mach 3 when I travel and carry on my bags. And I can get a much better shave than I did yesterday. Just thought I'd pass along one of those moments when you realize all that effort is truly worth it.


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Yes, the shave definitely lasts longer doesn't it?

Although, I found that with SE blades it lasts even longer.