Intermittent Fasting


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Well 4 weeks in and I have lost half a stone, now down to 11.8 stone. Looking to further reduce to 11.3 stone but am surprised at reaching my goal this quick. Waist has trimmed down and upper body is more toned.
Increased cardio to:
Squash 1hr 45mins 2 x week
120 press ups
120 sit-ups
50 squats
50 leg raises


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From Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

A new study has shown that exercising before eating breakfast burns more fat, improves insulin sensitivity, and increases glucose uptake into muscle tissue compared to exercising after eating breakfast. This new study is in-line with a meta-analysis of 46 clinical studies that found exercising while fasted induces adaptations to mitochondria in muscle and adipose tissue, including increased fatty acid metabolism that is blunted by pre-exercise feeding.

Exercising in a fasted state increased the release of fatty acids stored in adipose tissue and boosted their use for energy. Exercising while fasted also caused mitochondria in adipose tissue to increase gene activity in genes related to fatty acid metabolism, making them more efficient at burning fat for energy in the long-term even when you are not exercising. These adaptations were blunted by pre-exercise feeding, which means people that ate before working out did not have these benefits.

This meta-analysis also showed diverse effects on exercise performance, as well. Pre-exercise feeding did enhance performance in long-duration aerobic exercise (> 60 minutes) but had no effect on aerobic training shorter than 60 minutes. Pre-exercise feeding also slightly enhanced anaerobic exercise (i.e. run until exhaustion) but had no effect on high-intensity interval training.
Just noticed this thread...

I am actually fasting today..I normally do a day on and a day off. Tend to just drink water and apple cider vinegar throughout the day..then a mix of salts and cinnamon prior to breaking the fast. Followed buy a portion of lightly seasoned lean protein (Chicken breast, Cod fish) then a big meal
with protein carbs and green veggies.
I know many people also drink green tea and black coffee but I cut out caffeine all together on fasted days. Plus I like my tea with milk and my coffee with cream!

I always do morning cardio in a fasted state .Recently I have had an injury from weight training (a micro tear in a tendon) and it is believed fasting helps reduce inflammation in the body..and I find I can recover from injuries a bit better.

The longest I fasted was 48hrs without any ill effects but now I tend to do 20hrs max. Overall, it's easy if you are active and busy during a fasting period.


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Still going strong, hope everyone else is enjoying the results too. Just under a stone lost in weight now in 5 weeks. Still using the Fitbit Versa not convinced it's overly accurate but it's a good guide.