How did Robin Hood shave?


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I imagine he would have used something very similar to the old style straight razors we still see today. There was a plentiful supply of decent honing rock/slate around and I’m sure the blade makers (sword, knife etc.) of the time were capable of forging a smaller piece of steel that would take a good edge. No sure what software was available but there were plenty of cattle and sheep to provide a tallow/lanolin based soap and boars to fashion brushes from. Wild roses and other plants could have been distilled for an aftershave and, of course, witch hazel has been around for centuries as an astringent and soothing preparation. ( I only learned recently that it’s good for athletes foot and haemorrhoids - but as I only have the after shave version with added alcohol, I think I’ll give that experiment a miss.)


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He either shaved with an axe or he had his face waxed. Depends upon your perception of Robin Hood. I'd say the former is the Russell Crowe version and latter is the Mel Brooks version of Robin Hood Men in Tights. :hyper: