Holy face scrapage Batman


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After recovering from 2 weeks of Nacets, someone sent me an Gillette Thin. So this morning I tried it.
From my sideburn, about 3 inches downward stroke. Removed the blade, and replaced it with a brand new Feather.

Id half to use a Derby for a month to get it that dull.


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Is this the dreaded Gillette Thin, made in Thailand?
I'm with you on this...tried them a few times and gave up.
For a similar (or actually slightly dearer price than GSB's and Nacets) these 'Thins' are not worth the price of entry.
I bought 12 of them just to add to an order (so I qualified for free shipping). Lesson learned...next time I'll pay the shipping.


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I've got some 'Nam thins, great blades for me, not up there with the best but perfectly usable.
Are the Vietnam Thins the same blade as the Thai?
I haven't tried them. How does price compare to GSB, etc?
The Thai blades were dearer than my usual Gillette blades, but were not in the same ballpark re smoothness and efficiency.


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I've had Thins and thought they were great! Would need to check the origins though. They could have been NOS...


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I do not know where it came from. It came with a razor.

For you guys, I dug in the rubbish. It wont happen again.

The red outer paper says Boston Ma.

Dang thing says somewhere called Usa. My be somewhere.