Haircut on my own..


Well, I used my Super Taper with guard #12 and the results were excellent. This is pretty much all I need Just ran the guard all over my head from various angles and I think it looks fine. This is certainly the answer to home haircuts. Don't need a barber anymore!

The Wahl is great. Mine was corded - paid £58 and then a bit more to get other guards. This will save me money!


Bought a Wahl super taper just before lockdown here in the UK. £60. My wife cuts my hair every fortnight, No1 and 2.
All great, but she never says "Do you want anything for the weekend sir"?


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I think if I had to do it again I'd buy a very basic Wall cordless. The Super Taper is absolutely fine, but I can imagine a clipper that would be lighter, slimmer and cordless. Unless somebody else is doing it or you have a salon, I think you only need something very basic for a cut once a fortnight. But a Wahl nevertheless, for its wide choice and availability of accessories.

I recommend the #12 guard. It gets really good results. Perfect for my tastes.


It has been 10 months since I had a haircut, I have trimmed the odd curly bit, just in the bathroom mirror, which is an art in itself but that is all.

I was going to my usual barber when lockdown finished but he had cut his staff down from 6 to 3 and had almost 1000 bookings. he was even thinking about bringing the furloughed people back and working and extra shift, 9-6 and 6-12. He was working through the 1000 when one of his barbers started with symptoms and he had to call all that days customers and tell them to isolate. Some had been to the barbers before going out to the pub, so the pub had to deep clean. A lot of unhappy people, I thought sod it, this easing of lockdown has come a little too soon.

The hair continues to grow and I am fine with that for the time being.


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The hair continues to grow and I am fine with that for the time being.
I put up with my hair getting longer until it was unbearable - just lots of clumpy hair. Tried hacking away with a scissors, then a razor, and it was shorter but very uneven. The Wahl had been a revelation. Gives me a haircut that's fine for my tastes with #12 guard. No need for a barber any more.

I thought I was fine until it got to the point where something had to be done! Using a clippers is really quite simple and there are plenty of YT tutorials.