Group B rallying


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To keep it short and simple. Anyone here remember that?
I have been watching the YT but it seems there isn't much content, given that it had just half a dozen years running before crowd control management folded and couple of drivers lost their life. It was best fun with pants on and happened much before bernie had fun with max modestley.


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Gents any YT channel you can steer me to? I seem to be having a repeat of same old grainy footage on almost all known channels.
A different repository perhaps? Paid version is fine too.


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they were the best rallies ever

the sound, the pure raw power,
Only too many crashes


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Rally Portugal 1985

Timo Salonen: Phew, that was some intense competitive sector back there. Can I have a light please?
Bystander: Sure pal here you go, this is Portugal, enjoy your smoke even if in next 2 years GroupB is going to be largely banned because of us crazy spectators.
Timo: You bet am enjoying my cigarette, never mind if I am sitting on a tank full of Petrol concoction with generous mix of TNT.
(Chorus: HaHaHa.... titter...titter...HaHaHa)