Gillette's New 2 Blade Fusion Type Razor

Discussion in 'Cartridge Safety Razors (CR)' started by lancelot, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. lancelot

    lancelot Forum GOD!

    I am almost shocked at reactions I have so far seen to this product. In the years I have read cartridge razor forums, I have noted the hue & cry from many as to how much better the older 1 & 2 blade cartridges shaved than the multi-bladed newer versions. Now that one is introduced many are complaining about what a rip off it is, and demeaning it WITHOUT even trying it. I think it's a mistake to condemn without investigation.

    It's a product intro'ed by an American corporation that bears a slightly higher price than their current products. How is that a surprise ? Duh. It is targeted at men with sensitive skin, and is supposed to have new blade coatings that equalize the multi-blades; well, maybe so. I am going to try it before expressing an opinion as adament as those I have read on another forum.

    Anyone else feel this way or have I overblown it ?
    Ron I
  2. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    It'll probably become my go to long distance travel razor to be honest. Gillette are always a bit of a rip off, it's nice to see them release something different.
  3. vita

    vita Mach 5 Turbo Fusion

    Any links to info on this?
  4. lancelot

    lancelot Forum GOD!

    I just looked at there is a descriptive article which contains both pro & con comments. The heavy, gripe and snipe, comments were on B & B forum.

    I have not seen it in stores as yet, but I am 99% positive I will not be able to resist giving it a shot.

    Ron I
  5. vita

    vita Mach 5 Turbo Fusion

    Can't see anything on about it, but will check out B&B, love it when they get their knickers in a twist over something there. Pure quality drama.
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  6. CANDY2014

    CANDY2014 Guest

    ? a fusion with 2 blades? where??
  7. CANDY2014

    CANDY2014 Guest

    I couldn't find anything about it on but if it ever ships I see it as a self admission of defeat. After 20 years of working our balls off with "more blades is better" now back to 2 blades ?? Come on ......!!!
  8. vita

    vita Mach 5 Turbo Fusion

    It's almost like they're working towards the ultimate design where they just have 1 blade but with 2 edges: one for slicing, the other for dicing.

    £120 a month subscription. You get 5 blades in a little cardboard box and wax paper. They call it 'eco'.
  9. CANDY2014

    CANDY2014 Guest

  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Forum GOD!

    Last time I visited B&B (and was kicked off by the dictators / mods) is at least four years ago. I don't give a #£&! about what they think.

    Regarding the new razor; it would be a surprise if Gillette would introduce a much cheaper one ... that would be against their business model ;-)

    I haven't seen it yet, but reducing the number of blades sounds like a good option for men with sensitive skin (and probably for most other men too). Hopefully this stops the trend of adding more and more blades.
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  11. CANDY2014

    CANDY2014 Guest

    Anyway the attachment seems the same of the fusion.. So maybe I will be able to try it on my unused fusion flexball handle.
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  12. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    I'll defo be trying it as soon as it comes out. I've always had a place in my rota for gillette carts so it all depends on how they price it and how it compares to the fusions
  13. CANDY2014

    CANDY2014 Guest

    IF it works could be the beginning of the end of the crazy race to multiple blades
  14. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Forum GOD!

    North London
    Its marketing genius if you ask me. Roll back the number of blades is the only way gillette could go really.
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  15. Geofnay

    Geofnay Forum GOD!

    I've never tried a Fusion, or a Mach 3 for that matter - the design (the pivot point really) always looked quite wrong to me, having had my first pivot shave with the first generation Gillette Contour many moons ago. I've always thought the Mach 3 and Fusion would be like shaving with a spoon. I still have my METAL handled Contours (which, when I use them, I pair with Personna Pivot Plus blades since the price of Gillette's own blades went north and the quality south). That's where Gillette should have returned for inspiration. If they could reissue the Sensor with a metal handle, all the better.
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