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I agree, Gillette 7 o'clock super platinum in the black packs are very good. I bought good stock of them a year back and have since been happily working my way through them. For me they kind of fall in between Astra Green and Feather New Hi-Stainless blades. Sharp like Feathers but non aggressive like Astra's.


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A bit worried today. I picked up a few packs of Gillette Platinum's from
and have just contacted them about the blades. They are completely devoid of any markings at all :eek:!

So, I don't know if they are a knock off or legit.

If I hear any more I will let you know :thumbsup:


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For me neither the Platinum or Nacet really work for me. I personally love the Gillette 7 o’clock sharp edge (yellow).


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I like the Platinums most of all Gillette blades.
To be correct, Platinums are one of my top 3 blades.
All other Gillette blades are not even close. The 7Oclock Greens and Black (haven't tried the yellow) are almost always causing me irritations / ingrowns.
The Nacets & Rubies are solid and efficient but not that smooth.


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One of the great things about wet shaving is every razor has a great blade for everyone. I love how 12 people on a panel with the same razor might all choose different blades because that’s what works for them.


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I must agree that the Gillette Yellow is an excellent blade, easily, among my favorites...the GSB, Black, Nacet, and Green simply do not agree with me.

Have yet to try the Platinums. Does anyone know the difference between the "Blue Box" and the "White Box" of these blades?


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I have tried GSB, Nacet, Platinum and 7 O’Clock yellow. The only ones I get along with well is the Nacet...
I might have to revisit the platinum since it gets such high praises here...


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Have yet to try the Platinums. Does anyone know the difference between the "Blue Box" and the "White Box" of these blades?
Just different colours for different markets as far as I know. White I have seen on sale in France, blue I bought from Bulgaria.

Also be aware that dubious retailers try to pass them off as being the modern equivalent of the famed and hideously expensive Gillette 'Swede'. They are not.