Gillette London Bridge


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Has anyone heard of these blades? I read about them in another forum, and they all are very excited about them. They are made in China, and seem to be the blades to have at the moment.


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AFAIK these are the Gillette (Shanghai) remake of an old Wilkinson Sword export brand that was highly respected. Gillette licensed the name Wilkinson Sword and also it's subsidiary brands some time ago for use in the Far East, hence the Gillette Wilkinson Sword primarily marketed in India. Again AFAIK the current London Bridge blade is intended for Indonesia and the Philippines. To date the (genuine) Chinese Gillette blades I have tried have all been very good.

I've got 100 coming from Thailand via eBay, but have already been warned that shipping could take up to 6 weeks
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Thank you for your informative input. I think it's facinating how much the markets differ. I was quite baffled as i heard about Gillette Wilkinson blades for the first time. Really looking forward testing these. They seem to have quite the reputation in other forum's.