Completed Giles Shaving Co Coffee Mug GB


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While asking, any chance for mug without the white base?

Mono-color Howie
Unfortunately not, the white is just ‘naked’; No glaze on it. I can’t really glaze the bottom/underneith because it’d fuse to the shelf unless I bought some extra kiln furniture.


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Update on useability of the mug. I have had mine a couple of days now and it is a little smaller than I usually have, initially I thought that would be a problem however it dawned on me that I seldom drain my larger cup and end up with a couple of inches of wasted coffee.
The size of the mug means I get the perfect amount of drink for me and I drink every drop of liquid from it. It feels lovely in the hand and looks great too I am really happy with my new mug. ATG on it would be the icing on the cake though but that is now on offer I may have to buy another one for home, one for work.


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