Fragrance samples


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You'r right Chris its a bit of a game shipping a/shaves now that they don't carry gallons of them on aeroplanes like they used to. Are they that explosive or is it a real terrorist threat?? I don't know - I wish someone in the know would explain it to me.
Wouldn’t say I’m “in the know” myself so not trying to answer your question as such but you do make a really valid point.

What really pisses me off is how a company is perfectly able to send a fragrance to the UK on board a plane from overseas (EU, the US or otherwise), but for some bizarre reason it is not possible to send from the UK to overseas destinations.


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Hi - I have found that USA suppliers don't want or are not allowed to send alcohol and alcohol based products by plane but its different if it is by sea. I know Maggard have notices on their sites to say they don't ship these products to certain countries