Flights ?

Northam Saint

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Anyone any tricks / tips etc for getting cheap flights to USA next July ? California bound. Can’t see much at the moment, too early for a couple of airlines.


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Have a go at using ITA Matrix, it lets you concoct quite elaborate travel plans and you can sometimes find routings / tickets that are not widely advertised by the airlines but are easy enough to book over the phone with the routing information Matrix gives you.

I travel 3 out of 4 weeks for work, quite often long haul and have managed to find some rather good deals, though the old trick of leaving EX-EU has become less good in the last couple of years.

That said depending on your tolerance for adding a bit of faff and time to a trip some of the best deals are often found by flying indirectly from another country, so in other words look at a ticket which is say Dublin > SFO/SJC as a return and then get yourself a cheap return from UK > Dublin.

I tend to find if I can book roughly 12 weeks out seems to be the sweet spot for pricing for most of my travel.