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I have reached the age where I have fecking zero tolerance for technology not doing what I want it to do.

My daughter has a Fitbit HR Inspire and I've set up a family account on her phone. As she is under a certain age she can't have her own fitbit account so I followed the instructions and created a family account with her as a child but now it seems that I can only link the very childish ACE model to her profile.

Does anyone know how this crap works? I just want her iphone to link to her Inspire HR. ta


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LAST last UPDATE after the last update posted 2 weeks ago: Fitbit Versa 2.

  • Daughters 8 months into her current warranty and already on her 5th Versa, which has been replaced 4 times under warranty.
  • Her 5th Versa warranty replacement is currently in the mail this week, but she's not going to even bother format and use it.

She just got her 5th Versa 2, her 4th replacement under warranty. She formatted and started using it until she had time to go get her Apple Watch. The brand new replacement lasted less than 2 weeks and is now not syncing to her phone anymore, despite restarting device and reconnecting bluetooth.
This is insane! She still has 3 months left on the 1 year warranty, so stay tuned to see how long her sixth Fitbit versa 2 lasts.

Fitbit should rename the Versa 2, "A Piece of Shit on a Wristband"
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