First trip out with the Rolls !

Discussion in 'Single Edge Safety Razors (SE)' started by Tyke121, May 13, 2019.

  1. Tyke121

    Tyke121 Über Member

    EC1065EA-E6BB-4A93-B391-DB0869C80AAE.jpeg Can’t believe what I’ve just done really ,Had a Rolls razor my dad gave me years ago and thought no one will ever use one of them but something kept me looking at it wondering ,Thanks to atg s Paul who sold me a refurbed Rolls and gave me great advice on using and looking after one I gave it a go tonight ,Can’t believe what a shave it has given me very close on two passes wtg and xtg and no irritation ,Went to my Pils for the head though not brave enough for that !
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