Feather MR3 discontinued


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Feather have confirmed that both the razor handle has been discontinued & will be replaced by the F3 (English version of the Samrai Edge). As a F-System razor the F3 will take FII & MR3 blades.
Edit: The MR3 blades are still being produced.

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Interesting. I just received a F-II handle/blades (and MR3 blades) to try for the first time so I have no opinion as yet as to their performance.
I don't like that F3 handle though. Too bulky, for batteries I gather. Possibly something our female users may enjoy though. :wink:


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The F3 isn't really attractive, almost as bad as the Kai Tetra 4 (revised as the Kai 4)

from 10 to 15 years ago...