Favourite aftershave(s)


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The two I use most are B&M reserve Seville and Kramperts frostbite, however favourite would be kyovu original.


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Nothing too exciting here as I‘m not fond of scented aftershaves.

I currently use „Avene After Shave Fluid“ more or less exclusively and this saves my skin after even the worst of shaves. Prior to this and perhaps once again in Summer or when I‘m done experimenting with blades/razors/soaps, I may go back to Speick.


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Favourite splash is Myrsol Agua de Limon for me, it's the smell of morning. And the menthol is great.


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I recently enjoy my Razorock Stallion and the Sudsy Soapery Rain Balm.

Next one will be the Razorock Emperor, good stuff.


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Something strangely I have never used as part of my routine and can't see myself ever using it. It would compete with my Fragrance of choice which I wear every day.


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I'm pretty partial to Floid Blue and Pinaud Clubman, though Lucky Tiger tends to get used if I have a shave before bedtime.

Pitralon Swiss seems to be getting an awful lot of love so will add that to my wishlist!!