Face or bowl

Being lazy I never saw the point in doing something twice to get the same effect. OTH there is no one correct way of going about making and applying a lather.

I'm a pretty lazy fart myself. I don't look at it as doing the same thing twice. Build the lather in the bowl, work it into the beard real well. Two separate actions for this wonderful reaction.
Face lather. Scents are important to me and I want them right under my nose.

Face lathering also means I like short stubby brush handles.


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After having started straight razor shaving lather became important so for full control over the result I bowl lather.


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i face lathered with a wilkinson boar and williams soap for 10 years when i still used carts..i now bowl lather mostly with badgers and synthetics..hard soaps and sticks get a boar face lather on occasion..