ever feel like too many razors & blades but....


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....not enough hair to cut? Lol

okay not saying I'm balding or anything but does it ever feel like there's never enough hair?

as in like you have to be really patient for your hair to grow back before being able to try the products out, whether that be razors, blades, soaps, brushes etc etc

Im also apart of the beard community and one of the hardest things about growing a beard is patience, so yea this kinda reminds me of that tbh


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dare i ask, how many we talking chris? lol :/
20 or so packs of 5 or 10 blades, guess about 150. So another three years or so there. At this rate I'll be pushing 70 by the time I actually run out. US-made Personnas aren't as easy to come by now though, so I'll have to try the German ones at some point and stock up on those if I like them.

TBH I wasn't planning on having that many, but when the US factory was being sold a few years back there was uncertainty over what would happen with the blades so I stocked up. :D