Does anyone use iTunes?


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Long story short (ish)
I was given a ipod (touch 2nd gen) about seven years ago.
Not looked at it since.

Now looking at it. When you go to itunes as if to purchase something, it shows the old owner's email address and credit of Twenty pound ish.
I assume that that is attached to their itunes account in the cloud rather than credited to this particular device?


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I’m assuming it will be their iCloud account, however I only use iTunes under sufferance to put music bought elsewhere onto my iPhone.


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So, I assumed that was how it works.
You prepay into a central account and then you can use various devices to spend on it?


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I am a bit confused with it.

It was part of a little deal.
Part of it was that there was loads of music on it.
Looks like it logs in automatically to their account.
I nearly spent it thinking it was credit on this device.

I was going to try and strip the music off and move the ipod on, but had better work out how to remove their login from it somehow.
Some people seem to have copied their music from the ipod but I can't work out how.

I was considering being cheeky and downloading what they have paid for, but I think that might need to log in via itunes other than on the ipod itself.

Or something.....