Dior Sauvage shaving cream?


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I’ve the Sauvage Balm (not Eau Sauvage (yet)) and that’s lovely on the skin. Absorbed quickly and fairly soothing. Good scent strength too.


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I tried a sample of Dior’s Eau Sauvage cream last night. The sample was generously sent by @Dr Watson . Thank you James. 👍

I took James advice and used a decent amount of product. I’m usually pretty heavy handed when using creams anyway. I used, approximately two almond size portions.

James also warned to added a small amount of water slowing. He’s found if you add too much water too quickly it collapses and there’s bring it back.

It took longer than usual to create a lather, especially for a cream. The lather looked decent enough in the bowl but when painted on my face it was quite transparent with the consistency being light and fluffy.

The initial slickness and protection was OK but shaving over any area without any lather the slickness was very poor.

The scent and scent strength was great while lathering up and during the shave but after the final rinse I couldn’t detect any lingering scent at all.

So overall a disappointing product. I still fancy getting the aftershave splash and balm though.

Thanks again to James for sending the sample. You’re a Gent.


Dr Watson

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Yeah, it's pretty pants :laugh: Smells lovely though...

Anyone claiming performance is up to T&H standards (I've seen it said) needs a check up from the neck up I'm afraid.