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So, this was not in the plan for today but due to overshaving I needed it.

Equipment: Maggards Slant / SuperMax Blue Diamond Titanium

I was keep going with the razor for BBS hunting as always and I decided to use it today.

I'm a balm guy in general, as I tend to use a balm even in summer and especially before I go to sleep.

Texture: A very creamy balm, felt heavy on the hands but once applied on the face, felt light and slick and was absorbed in no time. Big plus for my tastes. I used too much, no big deal.

Scent: Medium strength gentle Peppermint smell I believe with good staying power, not overwhelming. Very manly and I enjoyed a lot.

Performance: Having used tons of balms, I can say if a product is good or not. And this one was really good. It is much better than Proraso balm, Nivea, etc because it is more rich and fights irritation immediately. It hit me with some kind of menthol but it wasn't strong, I could handle even more. The face for 15 minutes was neutral and hydrated, but not greasy at all, very smooth to the touch. After that was just ok, with some kind of tightness but this happens with some other balms too. The ingredients list is superb and is loaded with even more ingredients than 10 times more expensive balms. No redness, no sore skin, no shiny face, what's more to ask?! I must get a carton with 12 of them.

Final Thoughts: Chris told me that it is a commercial balm and to judge it just like that, but I think it can be compared to more expensive balms. It is not on the same level with Sudsy Soapery that I have, but then again SS is greasy if you don't be careful.

Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Cocoa & Shea Butter, Urea are some ingredients that you don't meet often in your typical aftershave balm.

Totally satisfied with this one.
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Not sure how much attention to pay to "unsafe" (if it is this stuff and concentration in balm)
It is the last ingredient so the concentration should be small. I'm sure it exists in other products that I have used, shampoo, body wash etc. No problem for me.

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@RandySp perhaps try Zingari man after shave balm. It’s supposed to be very good and the ingredients list looks good. They have a hard core Tallow Sego version and a lighter regular line. I like a good balm too and hope to get some from Maggards soon.