Could I get some thoughts on Injectors?


Mine has two numbers so it is a G: 1806087 and 1969945. There is a curved scratch to the left of the spring so I am guessing it has at one point been opened. It is not a plus in the life of a G injector as the spring may be damaged. Also got an adjustable Schick - good stuff a must have and finally a Hydromagic - shiny and technically interesting but otherwise not among my favourite razors.
There was a thread at B&B years ago about the scratch to the left of the spring. The consensus was that they all have that from factory assembly, even pristine NOS razors have it. It was also advised that lifting the spring over the tab would weaken the spring, but maybe yours is just normal. Yes, mine has the scratch too.


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Well, I thought I would start with an easy comparison. One E2 vs another and pick one to remove.
Turns out they are really quite different.
So I looked a bit closer.....

Surprisingly different.
The one on the left obviously has more blade feel.
Can't seem to see any differences. The one on the left 'looks' older.
One patent number, the others pending. No posh parallel lines like @TobyC
Did they differ quite a lot then? Or is one knackered maybe?
Need to bear that in mind when discussing how an E2 feels eh?