Coconut shave bowl


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Here's mine - purely decorative as it fits the colour scheme in my bathroom. It cost £5 from memory from Homesense which is a TKMaxx store that specialises in homewares. Well worth a visit if you have one near.


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Seems an odd question but anyone ever used/seen a coconut half (cut either way) used as a shave bowl?
I was perusing some pottery shave bowls a second ago and thought one of them looked like a coconut and then thought a coconut half would actually work well, light, waterproof, textured inside and pretty damn safe too.You could even attach a knob handle to them as well.
I know this an old post but I was watching Nick Zanetti on you tube last night he's a woodturner and he made a couple of bowls out of a coconut shell. First thing I thought was, shave bowl!


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I'm a noob, so sorry if someone already posted this but Darwin Shaving has a cool coconut bowl to go with their Bay Rum line.
Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 3.00.04 AM.png