Cluttered BST

Dr Watson

The Other James
Is it just me or are the classifieds extremely cluttered? 18 pages currently with adverts dating back to 2018. I appreciate it doubtless consumes a lot of time sorting these things out and the mods are volunteers so please don't take this as me moaning, you do a great job... But I do think something needs to be done as the BST is becoming a necropolis of attempted sales and long expired wants. Could a rule be introduced whereby no activity on an advert for 3 months = automatic archival or something along those lines?

Just a thought :)
I thought there was already something in place to "expire" BST posts within a certain time frame?
But yes I recommend all other posts are immediately removed apart from mine of course..I mean I need all the help I can get:laugh:
But joking aside good point James @Dr Watson


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I’ve just realised that you can filter threads by prefix, might start doing that periodically and clearing them down. I do tend to move ones I spot.