Climate Change......


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After the awful performance of several world leaders (you know the obvious names), it's looking more hopeful in Europe.

Republic of Ireland has the Green Party as part of the government. French local elections have returned Anne Hidalgo as Mayor of Paris. She's famous for her green policies in the city.

It's such a relief to see anything at all happening in a Green direction. Hopefully this will accelerate.


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Well, fingers crossed ... having a broader set of interests within Government can only be a good thing.

Seeing the obvious benefits of less human activity on the planet over the last few weeks and months should be cause to want to keep it that way. We are a phenomenally intelligent species and we can work this out.

Our first step will be not doing tomorrow what we did yesterday ...


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We are a phenomenally intelligent species and we can work this out. Our first step will be not doing tomorrow what we did yesterday ...
Yes, we are a phenomenally intelligent species, but you'll find the brains inside universities and not governments. Unfortunately it's the governments that set the policies around climate change.

We are, alas, also a phenomenally selfish and corrupt species. About the moral integrity of the average cuckoo.


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I'd encourage you to put your name in the hat, Wayne. Climate change needs people to think and speak about it.

It's not going away and governments need to know we're not disinterested.
You wouldn't enjoy my views Sir. Honestly I'm better out of it, enjoy.


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The science of climate change is so accepted in the worldwide scientific community that it's hard to give any credibility to climate change deniers wherever they come from.

Climate Change science is evolving and changing constantly, and future predictions are being modified as the data comes in. But the measurements and data itself that scientists are using for modelling are well established and constantly being inputted into evolving models.


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My POV is that there has always been climate change but since industrialisation mankind has had an ever larger role in pushing the rate at which change is occurring. Who is polluting more is changing as the economic landscape changes. China's rapid industrial growth since the 1990s has also greatly increased the pollution they generate while other nations have reduced the amount they pollute. I doubt one cancels the other out as the earth is still warming at an ever increasing rate.

The Northwest Passage was not viable as a year around shipping route 30 years but now it might as well be. Permafrost is now melting and it was not 30 years ago either. You can go on with similar changes that the only explanation for is a rapid change in temperature not seen in the previous God knows how long with mankind as the cause.

It is here now and it does not matter who is currently polluting more and who is polluting less as the end result is global warming causing climate change.