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Help needed please! Going to be my first time organising one of these. Budget is not huge and is to cover activity and a meal. Also needs to be located in London. Was considering a comedy club and a cheapish meal; approx £35/person.

Is anyone more experienced or even been to a activity based Christmas party that's worth looking at?


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I stopped coming to company parties, because most of them ended up being a pretense at people socialising while they mostly seemed to be after the drink while appearing "social".
If it's an activity based event, I'd suggest considering whether people wouldn't spend extended periods of time just waiting for something to happen.
Comedy club might be OK, unless the person on the podium would just use the platform to vent, which a lot of acts seem too keen on today. Difficult to guess unless you'd have seen the act.
If you'd end up with a more physical activity, something like laser tag can be fun even for people who aren't into things too physical.
I'd suggest avoiding something like bowling, unless people in would be able to keep playing most of the time (waiting for one's turn if there are e.g. five people playing in a lane is fine, but waiting for 40 minutes because there's tens of people and only two lanes available won't be much fun).

Then again, I'm the sort of a person who wouldn't go to a busy pub because the music tends to be deafening and food not worth it, at least in central-ish London, and I don't drink, so I'm probably not a representative sample and should keep mum.

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Haven’t done a Christmas party in years mostly due to Covid. I work with some nice guys. BUT, my wife is much nicer and let’s face it working we sometime of a day see the buggers at work more than our families, especially when your wife works for NHS leaving home 6:30 am and stepping back in the door at 8:00 pm


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+1 Escape Room, they are great fun and encourage team building. We just did one in Portsmouth, and it was good fun. So much so that we've all agreed to do another one.