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I wasn’t really interested in this razor - but the scales are ivory and it was going for not much on EBay so I took a chance that it would fit another razor I was interested in. The problem was that this one was finishing before I even knew if I could buy the other - a 7/8” Heljestrand Mk33. Anyway, my offer was accepted and it’s on its way. Now the issue will be whether the length of the Heljestrand will fit the scales - I think the 7/8” blade width will be OK as the ivory scales are pretty deep.

I‘ll update the thread in due course.



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First task completed - remove scales, clean and polish. I managed to remove the old pivot pin using a combination of pin vice, hand drill and Dremel with de-burring tool - without widening the pivot hole and, more importantly, splitting the ivory.

Next up will be polishing the new razor (once it arrives) and then fitting into these scales. That’s the nervy bit but, thanks to @JamieM, I have some minute washers coming which will help take the pressure when the new pin is peneed.



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Unfortunately, my gamble of buying a razor just because of the ivory scales - and hoping that they would fit a different razor, didn’t work. As you can see the heel of the blade protrudes so I’ll just have to find something else to put in them.


However, I’m pleased with the new blade and made some custom scales from a piece of Ebony I had. The razor is a 7/8” Heljestrand Mk 33 - they don’t come up for sale all that often so let’s hope it shaves well otherwise I’m well out of pocket.



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