Charcoal Goods handles


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Just read the latest update from CG central. Wasn't really expecting that, Brian is really streamlining his line up now --

So long, handles...

All current handle designs are being discontinued as they sell out. They will be replaced by a single new design (not yet available). By offering only one handle option, complete razor prices can be lowered significantly.

  • Torpedo Series 2 (pictured above) and the original Twin Helix are in stock in brass.
  • Stinger Series 1 (bee handle) are in production in Brass and Copper (no stainless)
  • Vertigo Series 2 handles (new design) are in production in Brass, Copper, and Stainless
  • All other handle designs are either already in-stock or no longer available effective immediatel
So much for waiting for a hammered in SS


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Likewise was thinking about SS level 1 with hammered.

Good way to sell the remaining handles I guess...


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I was disappointed at first.

Then I realized his website had 24 different handles and 10 different styles. The website excludes at least 2 previous handle shapes. Wolfman in 2nd place with 5 handle styles. I do not consider post production processing (polish, highly polish or black anodized) as a new handle styles.


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The fact that Brian will be moving soon and shutting down production for a while has to be a big factor in this decision.

Making all those different handles is a lot of work for a one-man operation, hadn't really counted up the number of designs. Hope the new handles will be sold in a variety of lengths.


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These CG handles go well with my Timeless, Game Changer, and ATT baseplate / heads.

My latest is a brass Maze handle - 55g:

And I have a hammered stainless - 50g (second from the left):