Chanel Bleu Shaving cream


I was able to get a tube of this from All Beauty using a voucher that I received. Sadly I cannot recommend it to others, the scent is wonderful, but the performance is very poor. I have applied it by hand and using a brush without any improvement in performance. it is a poor product and clearly style over substance.
I was not expecting great things as it clearly is aimed at people who equate price with quality, this is a great illustration of this not being the case. its texture is slimy, and it provides no glide or cushioning, if anyone is tempted, resist.


Forum GOD!
Many brushless products will lather a little, though some will not lather at all. Marseilles soap will usually lather a little but the lather is not stable. Martin de Candre 4-oil Marseilles soap is as slick as any brushless shaving product and you can shave with it very well. It will lather a little even with your hands, but the lather is thin doesn’t last very long. If you’re using a straight razor the lather doesn’t matter much but the slick does.

I’ve often wodered about how well these products work for DE, some people use them and like them.