Cella Bio shaving cream with aloe vera.

New cream from Cella for your delectation, gentlemen..

If you got bored with the Almond/Marizipan scent here's a new one from Cella aimed at those with sensitive skin. Also has a splash lotion and balm in the range. Scent is : "A mix of fruity notes with pink pepper and precious woods."

Never tried it myself but here you go!

Not really into creams but great to see such an old company releasing some new products... I do like Cella a lot.
Agree, James. I love the Cella "Brick" (soft soap) but never really used their creams. Even so it's nice to see them come up with some new products.


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One of the American forums are nuts over it. I have the soft soap and find it performs well for the price. It is not a tallow soap like Cella ‘red’.The scent seems to be a light, simple interpretation of Aventus, pineapple and metallic isoE. I don’t care for Aventus myself (yes, I am in the minority, lol), but the Cella scent is pretty decent, and if you like Aventus, you’ll like the Cella ‘green’ soft soap and I assume, the cream.

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Had the cream in tube and matching balm.... Didn't like the scent one bit (smells like a teenagers Cologne) performance was adequate but mediocre.


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The tub arrived on Sunday and I've been using it since, i.e. four shaves with it in total so far.
I find the performance during shaves to be quite good, especially when I overload it a little.
However, the scent reminds me of the typical perfumes wannabe managers/executives tend to wear. In the tub, it's excessively strong, and while it doesn't seem very sweet initially, it becomes almost cloying shortly. Lathering it up takes the scent's edge off, but it's still quite strong and I can just about bear it. Post-shave, the smell lingers, but it's a bit more balanced. A touch too sweet for my liking still, but not terrible.
It also seems to me that the smell matures a little once the tub airs a little, which is good in this case. :)
Post-shave skin feel is alright. A touch dry, maybe, but nothing that wouldn't go away by itself in about an hour or so.

In summary, I find the performance to be good for the price, and if it weren't for the smell, I'd probably buy it again once this one is used up.
Maybe I'll try the white Proraso tub once this is finished, which is probably going to take around two or three months.