Pass Around Carbon CX-316L including two new base plates


Hello @CarbonShavingCo so nice to see you engaging in this forum!
I have to say that the Carbon Titanium head I have (standard) is one of the best razor I have owned. It's in the top 3 with Wolfman and Timeless.
It's not simple to come up with anything better, but here's what I would have done:

A milder version , keeping the same exposure (or slightly less, but still positive) but decreased the gap. This would have resulted in something as mild as a RR Mamba or Feather ASD2. For the many out there who like mild razors.
A more aggressive version, with an increased gap AND increased exposure. This is for blade feel lovers, Ikon Tech territory.

Keep pushing Sean!!!
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Hi Team @Nishy @carbold @CarbonShavingCo

Well I've absolutely loved the 2Plus/++ gap: 1.08mm base plate. I adore my CX standard exposure and recommended it to @jphelan81. It seems that some folk love the standard one, like me, and some don't. But the 2Plus/++ gap: 1.08mm is even better so I definitely intend to buy that plate. I love the superb tactile feel of the razor and blade as it meets stubble - it's so easy from the audible feedback and "tension" in the razor to know that you are slicing away whiskers with alacrity.

I also prefer the original handle to the more ascetically minded smoothed hand holes. I like the one with two cylinders of massive knurling and an industrial look. As I've said many times to my friends on here - as I did with the Paradigm Javelin - it's 100% about the shave and if it shaves like a dream I'm good, which is why I think I like the original handle more. I love to tuck my index finger onto the ledge for a rock solid feel - combined with the 2Plus/++ gap: 1.08mm base plate the shaves I have been getting are epic. I prefer the heavy handle to the Ti one as the balance suits me more.

All in all - I have LOVED the 2Plus/++ gap: 1.08mm and it surpassed my expectations. I liked the original CX so much I didn't think it could have been improved upon, but the 2Plus with its increased feedback is a step up both in terms of efficiency and, due to the great feedback, ease of use.

Thanks all.


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@Hogan all confirmed good to send with @Nishy. I will need to send special delivery as this covers the insurance. I will organize ASAP; likely tomorrow and confirm sent.

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I apologise for the delay but here goes:

Straight out of the box, the razor oozes quality. The handles are well made and shine, the same for the plates. The minimal machining marks inside the plates didn’t bother me at all.


My mind was set on the R2 handle. It looked like it married looks with functionality and it definitely did. But although it felt good and looked great the winner for me was the handle with the deeper knurling (the R1 I believe). It performed and felt the best. The Ti handle was also good but felt too light personally.
I changed handles regularly during the same shaves so I could get immediate feel in difference.
So overall performance wise they were all good, looks wise the R2 I think is still the best but the R1 wins it because it felt the best regardless of what plates were on it.

Plates (All plates were loaded with a feather blade)

I started out with the standard plate and found it to be nice and smooth. A little more audio feedback than some of my other mild razors which was nice. The razor felt extremely safe to use and I really enjoyed the feel. Two passes, some buffing to touch up and the alum block told me nothing (which told me everything). Excellent plate but would probably overlap slightly with other plates I have so would probably not be inclined to buy it.
Moving on to the +plate. I thought I might have rushed the first time because this was quite a rough shave. The second shave was a lot better but I think it gives a false sense of security somehow and I found myself being careless. I don’t exactly know why but not the right plate for me. Efficiency wise fine but too much sting from the alum block.
Finally the ++plate. This is one I will probably buy! The standard plate for the carefree quick shave, this one for the sunday slightly more aggressive, slower efficient shave. This felt and was very safe despite being efficient. In hindsight I didn’t even try to find the right angle, it just happened. This seems to be the right combination of gap and exposure for me. Zero sting from the alum block.

If I had to pick a razor to buy today it would be very easy. ++plate on a R1 handle.

All in all I very much enjoyed the Carbon equipment so thanks all involved for getting this organised!