Pass Around Carbon CX-316L including two new base plates


Thank you @Nishy and @CarbonShavingCo for the opportunity to try this wonderful razor, i normally prefer Mild to Mid aggressive DE's and i am looking forward to trying it out.

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Razor: Carbon Shaving Cx Original
Blade: GSB (3)
Brush: Semogue SOC Finest 2B
Soap: Oaken Lab Batavia Barber
ASL: Oaken Lab Batavia Barber
ASB: None

First shave with the Carbon and the original plate. I've started with this plate as it's the one I'd gravitate towards if I was to select a single plate of the 3.

I really like the audible feedback from this razor. I can feel the blade but it's at that sweet point where I can manoeuvre the razor easily and without fear.

The R2 handle was the most aesthetically pleasing to me so I selected that one to use. It feels nice in the hand and suits my delicate hands.


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Razor: Carbon Shaving Cx Original
Blade: ASCO Super Stainless (1)
Brush: Yaqi 2B
Soap: Extro Barocco
ASL: Osma Alum

The Carbon still feels good in the hand and I love the aesthetics of it but I'm on the fence about the shave so far. I still have a fair amount of stubble remaining - this has happened with both the GSB and Asco. Whilst I appreciate that I'm still dialling in the razor, I've had cleaner shaves with similar blade feel razors.


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Interesting to hear alternate thoughts on the Carbon. Boycie what is your go to razor?
Difficult one to answer Nishy as I have quite an arsenal of razors. I enjoy using both mild-medium and medium-aggresive levels of razors.

I'd describe myself as a lazy shaver. I like to pick up a razor and click with it quickly. A few that I enjoy off the top of my head: Rex Ambassador (#2. 2.5), Colonial Generals (V1 and 2), Karve Brass SB-D, ATT S1


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Razor: Carbon Shaving Cx ++
Blade: ASCO Super Stainless (2)
Brush: AP Shave 24mm Cashmere
Soap: Cella Bio
ASL: Osma Alum

Thanks to @p.b for the plate recommendation. The ++ was a much better shave. That said, I still prefer the Karve and my other razors. I'm grateful for the chance to try this razor but I won't be adding one to the den. It's packed and ready to head to @Tonyschin