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    Brush clearout. All include shipping worldwide.
    In many cases the price of shipping is more than the brush is worth so I'd encourage coupling to trim down the shipping cost or combining with razor offers here:

    Da Vinci Uomo 290 25 mm £64 or $84 + fees if any
    Pictures don't do this brush justice, I'll try and upload some better pictures later today.

    Maseto 24 mm £20 or $26 SOLD

    Vig Shaving 24 mm £15 or $20 SOLD

    King Crown Synthetic £16 or $21 + fees if any

    Dscosmetic 26mm Tuxedo £15 or $20 + fees if any

    AP Shave Co Tuxedo 24 mm £15 or $20 SOLD

    Satin Tip The Purest 22 mm £17 or $23 + fees if any
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