Blade Storage Case.


Blade storage has been covered before, but I just received this case and the divisions are perfect!
The Perel 13" organiser (bought on Amazon) has 18 compartments that can be enlarged by removing the orange dividers.
The partitions are 6cm (front to back), 5cm wide and 4.5cm deep.
They hold 50 blades in 10 x 5 boxes (as in the Kai blades), or 100 individually wrapped blades (as in the Personna Meds).
The plastic boxes can be stored cross wise or length wise.
As I work away, it's a great solution for travel and easy access to your favourite blades.
Bargain at £6! (Half the price of Stanley storage cases).
Feels sturdy enough to throw in my bag. :happy::okay:
Screenshot_20190911-111027_Amazon Shopping.jpg


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I understand your need for blade storage as you work away, but it's a little industrial looking for me and I cannot see the advantage over say an old tobacco tin, tupperware box or similar. I'd be looking for something a little better looking myself but if you are looking for storage for a lot of blades it's Ok.

Steve Bowles

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It looks good for an organizer for small quantities of sample blades, but if you've got hundreds (or thousands) of your favourite blades, then (like the guy from Leeds says), a big ol' Tupperware container is your go-to storage.