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I bought a pack for a hand luggage trip to Prague earlier this year which easy jet managed to completely scupper so I still,haven't tried them :D


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I use Bic Metals for overnights and stays up to several days. I prefer them to Gillette Guards by quite a margin. I would use them for longer trips but I don’t feel comfortable with such use of plastic. I use a Gillette GII (Trac II) for any trip that’s a week or more and requires carry-on.

I also ‘discovered’ Bic Metals on holiday in Greece - backpacking around the Cyclades in my case. I think it may have been Serifos or Sifnos? I was needing Sensor refills but could only find Mach3 and Bic disposables.

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Im definitely a cart type but i always use a good brush (omega) and several soaps (for my skin i found proraso Red is the best). That said i believe it's all about prep. I can get a perfect bbs with even a 50cents disposable bic