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Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by Imunro69, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    Where do I start lol

    So I agreed on a swap deal with Kev.88 a forum member for a brass general in return I put this package together bellow .
    Panta rei shaving brush .
    Ikon razor holder .
    A DE/SE razor case .
    And a vintage Shaving kit .

    I was sent a message saying that he would get it packaged up and posted before he went back to work . The following day I sent my items and attached the tracking number for him in the message . I was then told that his partner had posted and he would speak to her later and send me the tracking number . Several messages later and still no reply prob 5 days have passed before I realise that his account has been deactivated so I contacted a moderator who informed me that he set up another account now known as Shavegod and to contact him on that user name . Sent him a message saying that I have been trying to contact him and realised his account had be deactivated . Apparently he lost his phone and couldn't remember any passwords hence why he opened a new account and that he had been working lots but would speak to his partner again and forward the tracking number to me later . Another 3 days passed and still no reply so messaged again informing him that the items I sent a day after had been signed for by himself on the 12th January 3 days after I posted and that in order for me to find out where the razor was I needed a tracking number ! So now I get a message saying that his wife sent it second class not tracked and he has spoken to the royal mail and it's probably lost in the system but it might turn up . My last reply was as follows : I understand what your saying but I'm the one out of pocket I've sent you my package signed for and you've received it ! You exspect me to just be ok with it no solution apart from it might turn up and I'm expected to be ok with that ? The fact you never sent it signed for is ridiculas regardless if you sent it or your wife sent it ! We made a gentlemans agreement regarding the swap , and I'm not happy at all you've shown me no proof that the razor was even posted . You can't seriously think this is ok and I'm to just swallow it going missing ? Like I said before i dont want to but if your not going to sort this out with a fair solution ill be forced to contact a moderator and post exactly what's happened, every message sent and received and make everyone aware on the forum and will see if they think it's acceptable! I'm so disappointed with how you think this is how you do business .

    My question to the forum members is I covered myself paying for the package my end tracked incase it went missing and he didn't so do I just have to take the hit on the chin ?

    I'm so annoyed and frustrated any advice would be much appreciated please .

    Thanks Ian
  2. Benz3ne

    Benz3ne Legendary Member

    S. Wales
    Did you agree that he would send the razor as signed for, or was that an assumption?
    If it has gone missing, then with a reference number (yes, you still get one for not signed for post), you can claim something back from Royal Mail if there's evidence of where it was sent from/receipt of sending. However, I think the insurance is £20 maximum in that instance.
    Although I would personally see the situation as a little fishy, there is a possibility that it could have been sent 2C not signed for his end and arrived with you two days later. For that to have not happened might be merely coincidental.
    Did you ask for any additional photos of the razor, or did he send any pictures of it packaged up? Did you? Again, something I tend to do in order to try and ensure that the goods being sent are correctly packaged/have the correct address etc.
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  3. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

    I thought we were all gentlemens in this forum, but I suppose we are not. Shame!

    Either he send the razor back to you, or pay you what you think it's worth. And if the package suddenly shows up, you send him the razor/money back.
    And I suggest that the he got banned from this forum until this thing is solved.
  4. smooth_criminal

    smooth_criminal Legendary Member

    I'm sorry to hear that Ian.

    Kev.88 is responsible for this, and should make this right.

    The sender is always responsible for making sure the items arrive safely to the other party. In this case, by failing to insure / adequately track the items - the onus is on him.

    There is often a misconception about insurance / tracking; insurance is not there to protect the recipient / buyer - but the sender / seller of an item.

    By choosing to use a cheaper postal method - he has exposed himself to potentially having the item going missing with no comeback.

    By the way, you can still receive a certificate of postage if you send by normal (unsigned) post - it usually includes the package weight, and recipient's postcode and house number. This will prove that the item was actually posted - and this receipt provides insurance up to £20 for loss or damage. Where is this proof? How can we be sure it was ever posted? I would ask for this postage receipt, you always get one if you ship an item at the post office.

    Kev.88 should either return what you sent him, or pay you for the trade value.

    To protect yourself in future trades, you can always paypal each other the trade value (say £50). That way you are both protected by paypal - as in essence you are 'selling' each other the items for the same value, and thus you get paypal's assurance of receiving the goods you paid for. All you would be down is the 4% or so paypal fees from the money you receive - but you can call it a 'insurance' fee, especially if you are trading high value goods. This method provides a peace of mind if you are trading.

    Finally, I like to believe the best in people - but it seems like one hell of a coincidence that he deactivated his old account and created a new one, just as your trade deal goes south.

    Good luck in getting this issue solved, and I would press to get my items back - or the value of the items via paypal.

    This has been caused by his incompetence, and you should not be out of pocket.
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  5. Holyzeus

    Holyzeus TSR reject

    I would never send anything of that value without tracking/recorded
  6. oscsha

    oscsha Forum GOD!

    essex uk
    Sorry to hear this , forums rely largely on trust . Seems very odd that he 'lost' his account details but when opening a new account makes no mention of already being a member . Had Kev.88 been an active member for very long , all seems a little suss to me .
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  7. les24preludes

    les24preludes Über Member

    Agree - responsibility for loss in post is with the vendor. Not sure how I feel about the public "name and shame" since we don't know the other side of the story, but the simple facts speak for themselves.
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  8. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    Hi I never agreed on how it would be sent , I've always sent my items tracked to protect myself and so items arrive safely .
    He hasn't shown me any proof that the razor has been sent as yet but like you said he should have proof of postage.
    I hope common sence prevails in the end and lesson learnt from myself with regards to protecting myself and him from protecting himself with regards to postage.
    I just assumed being gentlemen this would never happen .
  9. chris.hale

    chris.hale Forum GOD!

    Cumbria, England
    Completely agree that it's the sender's responsibility to ensure that the goods reach the recipient, so if it is lost in the post he's responsible for refunding you and pursuing Royal Mail.
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  10. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    That's exactly what I was thinking I'm really not happy at all and can't understand how I should be liable for his neglect in sending it not tracked regardless if he is saying he never sent it his wife did that's still not problem and I shouldn't be liable .
  11. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    Great advice firstly so thank you and I will defiantly bare all of it mind in the future to protect myself I'm hoping he sees sence and makes it right as I can't see how I should be liable .
  12. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    I'm at a bit of a loss with regards what I could do so that's why I started this thread I never wanted to name and shame it's the last thing i wanted to do .
    But when it staking me days to get a reply when I know he is active is not right .
    I have all the messages from me and him backing exactly what I've said so it's on him to resolve this and make it right !
  13. Sorry to hear about your situation, Ian...:(:thumbsdown:
    I pretty much always send stuff special delivery with tracking and have always dealt with absolute Gentlemen on this forum.
    I can't say you have done anything wrong and it's poor form on behalf of the other guy.

    That said, and trying to put a positive spin on things maybe the guy really is just a bit shambolic (not saying it's the correct way to behave of course) rather than generally trying to scam you or having any nefarious intentions.
    Of course it is his responsibility to sort the situation and look into what happened to your package..or reimburse you.

    Best of luck for a positive outcome!
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  14. Imunro69

    Imunro69 Forum GOD!

    Yeah i dont think he has tried to scam me at all but he has not shown me any proof that it was even posted I just have his word at the moment that his wife sent it .
    I'm not looking for a which hunt either as I didn't want to include his username but what else can I do , he dosnt reply or when he does takes days and the last message was it is probably lost in the system but might turn up and he is not happy with his partner !
    Not I'm really sorry take full responsibility and I'll make sure your not out of pocket .
    Because that's what I would do and I'm sure everyone on here would because we are all gentleman .
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  15. captain_hx

    captain_hx Thalassophile

    As I look at it, the bad is on @shavegod. I wonder if he has something to say about this.

    I agree with @The Gentleman
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