Best performance European shaving soaps


Inside a Big Dark Empty
Extrò Cosmesi (Italy - vegetable base )
Wickham's 1912 (England - vegetable base )
The goodfellows smile (Italy - vegetable base -except for tallow #1)
Saponificio Varesino (Italy - vegetable base )
P&B (England - Tallow base )
Scheermonnik (Netherlands - vegetable base )
Arran (Scotland - Vegetable base )



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KEPKINH is my great surprise for this year. I've tried almost all American artisans, and many European, but I think this is at same level and even better than most of them in post-shave.
This soap has fantastic reviews. Defo one id like to try.


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Saponificio Varesino
Le Pere Lucien
TFS (makes a lot of Razorock)
Tobs (Puck)
Klar Seifen
So who needs American soaps anyway?


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Fragrance was great, not so much the performance
From my point of view KEPKINH performance is really good and similar with many tallow American artisans. I wouldn't say it doesn't have tallow, as it perform and look as a tallow base soap.

At the same time I think it's better than SV, which I own in 4.0-.4.1-4.3.

I agree EUFROS is great as well, probably my choice if considering scent+performance.